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Journal Articles

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Journal Articles Under Review

  1. "An Economic Theory of Personality Cults": Revise and Resubmit at the Journal of Institutional Economics

  2. "Democracy and Diseases: Political Exhcange and COVID-19" (With John T. Kroencke). Under Review, Constitutional Political Economy

Book Chapters

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Book Reviews

  1. Review of "How to Be a Dictator: The Cult of Personality in the Twentieth Century" by Frank Dikotter, The Independent Review, 2021

  2. Review of "Conspiracy Theories: a Primer" by Joseph E. Uscinski, The Independent Review, 2020

  3. Review of "The Wealth Explosion: The Nature and Origins of Modernity" by Stephen Davies, The Review of Austrian Economics, 2020

Working Papers

  1. "State Antiquity and Economic Progress: Cause or Consequence?" (with Claudia Williamson Kramer).

  2. "Repairing the Moral Order: Public Choice and the Past."

  3. "Between Kosmos and Construct: the Contractarian Vision of James M. Buchanan"

  4. "Janissaries" (with John T. Kroencke).

Popular Writing

  1. "Why So Many Predictions About Inflation Were Wrong" (with Patrick J. Horan). Discourse Magazine, 2022.