courses taught as primary instructor

Fall 2024; Econ 101: Microeconomics, Econ 200: Research Methods (Ursinus College)

Spring 2024; Econ 101: Microeconomics, Econ 313: Public Choice (Ursinus College

syllabus (microeconomics)
syllabus (public choice) 

Fall 2023; Econ 101: Microeconomics (Ursinus College)


Fall 2022; Econ 1020, Principles of Microeconomics (online, UTC)


Spring 2022; Econ 5015, Economics for Managers (MBA level, UTC)


Fall 2021; Econ 5015, Economics for Managers (MBA level, UTC)


Spring 2020; ECON 360-002, Economics of Developing Areas (GMU)


Fall 2019: ECON 104-003, Contemporary Macroeconomic Principles (GMU)


Spring 2019: ECON 365-001, Topics in Economic History (GMU)


Fall 2018: ECON 360-002, Economics of Developing Areas (GMU)


what the students are saying

"Honestly the GOAT"

"The professor's enthusiasm and love of course content was very apparent which made learning the course material exciting and easy. Professor King showed a great amount of love and caring for his students which devleoped an environment of nurturing and learning. Lectures were made interesting and easily understandable and in-class discussions lead to deeper understanding of the topics as they were introduced... the class was perfect as is, I have no suggestions how to improve. I'm so very glad I was in this class with this professor and I will always remember this class."

"I want to thank the professor for making the material easier to understand. I was nervous selecting economics, but I had an amazing time learning it. He broke down the material into sections which made it more understandable." 

"Professor King is one of the best instructors I've had at this university. He is funny, erudite, and a very good lecturer. Moreover his choice of readings for the course have been superb. I commend him and his willingness to work with and engage with students"

"I cannot express how much this teacher helped. He respected his students and was very patient when someone couldn't understand. He put so much effort in to help everyone do well. He was always available outside of class for help and even offered time outside of office hours... He showed energy and effort day in and day out. Best economics teacher I have had.

"Professor King is the best professor I've ever had! He really cares about his students and is passionate about the course material. He tries to make each lecture interesting and is always available after class or by email."

"Every class included a discussion portion, where students and teacher would engage in a Q&A on the readings and lecture. These sessions were highly stimulating and provided a lot of clarity to the course material."

"One of the most well organized professors that I've had. Through the proposals that we've presented, he writes almost an entire paper for guidance on how we can move forward with the assignment and refers us to work which is relevant and can help us."

"I loved this course! Dr. King was very prepared for each class. I loved his emphasis on teaching us how to think like economists, not just regurgitate formulas or jargon... He was super responsivie and answered every question thoughtfully and thoroughly. I really feel like I learned some very useful things after taking this course."

"Professor Kings' biggest strengths are his obvious interest in the curriculum that he is teaching as well as his dedictation to helping his students understand the material... I for one have never really been interested in economics but Professor King has made it easy to understand as well as easy to get invested into his lectures."